Free cancellation: Don’t even get discomfort when you need cancellation.It is totally free cancellations are free up until 2 hours before one-way rides or 24 hours Before hourly bookings.
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Agent Registration

Thank you for your interest in FarRide Transportation (TSN). We love working with travel agents and that's why we offer great commissions and rewards. Please feel free to fill out the information below if you would like to join our team. We will make sure your clients receive the top notch service they deserve. We offer meet and greet service, free 15-minute grocery stops on all airport round trip and multi-leg reservations, and best of all, no early or late pick up fees. OUR dispatchers monitor closely all flights schedule. Making sure that all the needed arrangements are taken care of to the smallest details. They will make sure that whatever your location or landing airport. You will be picked up on time. With no delays or surprises.

All of our vehicles are fully insured and permitted to provide transportation throughout Central Florida.

Complimentary Wait Time

Our dispatchers monitor closely all flights schedule. Take your time and relax Airport pickups include 60 minutes of free wait time, and all other pickups include a free 15 minutes.

All-inclusive Rates

There are no hidden surprises with FarRide. Your affordable all-inclusive rate — confirmed before you book — includes all taxes, tolls, fees and gratuities.

Professional Drivers

Have peace of mind knowing that all FarRide drivers are licensed, insured and regulated.

Free Cancellation

Change of plans? No problem! Cancellations are free up until 2 hour before one-way rides or 24 hours before hourly bookings.