Welcome To Our Concierge Portal For Assistants And

Booking Agents. With The Concierge Tool. Your Can:

Corporate account management with mobile booking tools

Corporate customers get the most innovative booking tools, available right from the website or mobile app.

Fully integrated booking

Corporate clients can book corporate rides right from the website or mobile app.

  • Corporate services appear for customers automatically along with retail services
  • Book from app, website, dispatch, or concierge
  • Custom notification support for ride updates

Concierge portal

Corporate clients a custom concierge portal for employees and booking agents. With the concierge tool, your corporate clients can:

  • Book on behalf of others
  • View history of booked rides
  • Add payment methods

Billing and invoicing

Set up unique billing structures for your client to simplify your accounting. You can choose between the following billing options:

  • Invoicing (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Charge employee cards
  • Charge company card on file